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Accountability Under New Federal Education Law — From The Experts

For the last few years, Indiana has used an A-F system to hold our schools accountable. The way a school received a grade is mainly based on ISTEP+ scores, which was met with a lot of criticism. But now that Congress has passed the new version of the Every Student Succeeds Act (the re-write to No Child Left Behind), Indiana’s A-F system could see a huge overhaul.

The new law gives states more input on how they test their students and more importantly, how low-performing schools are held accountable to get on track to improve.

Now that the law was passed with bi-partisan support at the federal level, all 50 states are re-writing their accountability systems.

Indiana’s Department of Education has already been working on its plan, but before its made public, here’s a primer on what new provisions they are working with.

The main difference between the old accountability system and what states can do now, is that test scores won’t be the main factor in calculating a grade.