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For 47 Years, This Teacher Never Gave Up on Students in a Low-Scoring D.C. School

Teacher Frazier O’Leary, 72, is retiring this year. For 47 years, he has been teaching teenagers a great deal by giving them much more time and encouragement to learn than they are used to. He has been a longtime consultant and exam reader for the College Board’s AP program, vice president of the board of the PEN/Faulkner Society, a charter member of the Toni Morrison Society and the Cardozo baseball team head coach,as well as a frequent football and basketball game announcer.

This school year, backed by Principal Tanya Roane and Assistant Principal Tynika Young-Aleibar, O’Leary enrolled every senior in a required AP English lit course at the now beautifully remodeled Cardozo campus. Almost no inner-city schools ever try that. O’Leary students rarely pass the AP exam, but they do much more writing than they would in a regular course and have a better chance for success in college and the workplace.