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120 American Charter Schools and One Secretive Turkish Cleric

There are nearly 120 Gülen charter schools in the United States, run by a Turkish religious movement.  There isn’t any evidence whatsoever that they  include Islamic indoctrination in their curriculum. One of their most troubling characteristics is that they don’t have a great track record when it comes to financial and legal transparency.

In Texas, where 33 Gülen charter schools receive close to $100 million a year in taxpayer funds, the New York Times reported in 2011 that two schools had given $50 million to Gülen-connected contractors, including the month-old Atlas Texas Construction and Training, even though other contractors had offered lower bids. It was the same thing in Georgia, where Fulton County audited three Gülen schools after allegations that they’d skipped the bidding process altogether and paid nearly half a million dollars to organizations associated with the Gülen movement.