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What Can this Tiny Island Show Texas About Finding Great Teachers? A Lot, Actually

This Asian island roughly the size of Austin has dominated international rankings in education, with students regularly outperforming their peers in math, science and literacy.

Singapore officials say the key to that success was simple: Hire only the best teachers.

“Teaching is akin to nation building. It’s about survival,” said Ee Ling Low, a professor to aspiring teachers at the country’s National Institute of Education.

Singapore’s success in becoming one of the most economically prosperous countries in Asia is largely credited to intentional policy-making decisions. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the country’s education system.\

As Texas faces inconsistent academic achievement and looming teacher shortages in high-need areas, a delegation of superintendents, college leaders, business representatives and philanthropic organizations recently traveled to Singapore to see what the Lone Star State could learn from that system.