Press Secretary
Division of Community Empowerment, Partnerships and Communications, NYC Department of Education

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Position Summary:  The Press Secretary serves as chief spokesperson for the school system, the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellors, and other members of the Senior Leadership Team of the Department of Education. Additionally, the Press Secretary is in daily contact around the clock with members of the news media to respond to fast-breaking news stories and in proactively sharing newsworthy items for coverage in a manner that accurately reflects the policies and educational philosophy of the New York City Department of Education. In this capacity, the Press Secretary leads media rollouts from naissance through amplification.

The Press Secretary also leads a team of four deputy press secretaries, providing direction, support, and supervision to ensure consistency and responsiveness from the Press Office. The Press Secretary is also the liaison with other City agencies on interagency news coverage, as well as the chief liaison with the City Hall Press Office. The Press Secretary also oversees all writing coming out of the Press Office in a high-pressure, deadline-driven environment. This includes writing and placing op-eds, letters to the editor, press releases, and statements.  

The Press Secretary also serves as the liaison between school principals and the Press Office when a school- based staff member asks for support. The Press Office also supports school-based staff where there is media coverage of incidents or accomplishments of the school community.

The Press Secretary oversees all communication out of each NYC Department of Education office and supports the media training of Deputy Chancellors, superintendents, and other senior leaders within the agency. The Press Secretary represents the Department of Education at meetings across the City to share the priorities of the Department. Performs related work.

Reports to: Deputy Chancellor of the Division of Community Empowerment, Partnerships and Communications

Direct Reports: 4 Deputy Press Secretaries

Key Relationships: Local, national, and community news media outlets; Chancellor’s Office and Deputy Chancellor’s Office, superintendents, Borough/Citywide Office directors, heads of divisions within the Department, and school principals.


  • Manages a team of four Deputy Press Secretaries and oversees all external communications coming out of the press office. This covers communications work in the following areas: 
    • developing external and internal materials related to media stories, initiatives, and events;
    • establishing and maintaining contact with print and broadcast journalists covering education as well as representatives of local and community media outlets;
    • preparing press releases and answers to press inquiries concerning the DOE and its offices;
    • handling long- and short-term inquiries from the national and international news media; and
    • responding to urgent requests and covering emergency situations.
  • Reviews material coming out of all DOE divisions to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Reviews, supervises, and provides comprehensive feedback on all press releases and answers to press inquiries concerning the Department of Education and its offices.
  • Closely coordinates with the social media point to ensure that information is rapidly disseminated to families and NYC constituents.
  • Identifies newsworthy announcements and organizes press conferences; sets up interviews with the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellors, and members of the School Leadership Team.
  • Develops media strategies regarding how to depict and handle issues regarding the Department of Education.
  • Develops relationships with media outlets (local, national, and community news) and works closely with media staff to address issues related to the New York City Department of Education.
  • Develops relationships with columnists, reporters, and editors to proactively pitch positive news stories about the New York City Department of Education.
  • Serves as a liaison with superintendents, Borough/Citywide Office executive directors, and school principals to facilitate easy access to information needed to prepare articles and stories for Department of Education publications.
  • Leads media trainings for DOE spokespeople.
  • Develops media strategy, including how to depict and handle issues regarding the Department of Education, in coordination with the Executive Director of Communications.
  • Develops external and internal materials related to media stories, initiatives, and events.
  • Establishes and maintains contact with all major print, broadcast, and web journalists covering education, to ensure that a representative of the Department of Education is available to respond to requests during the normal work day as well as emergency situations.
  • Develops and maintains contact with the offices of the Mayor, other elected officials, agency officials, representatives of City agencies and of City projects, and external partners.
  • Available to handle all breaking news, including evenings and weekends.

Qualification Requirements:


A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college.


  • Five (5) years of full-time paid experience in public relations, journalism or advertising, including two (2) years in an administrative, supervisory or consultative capacity.
  • Overall knowledge of the organization and various operations of the Department of Education.
  • Knowledge of public relations and office management procedures.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Experience in media communications.
  • Understanding of public relations in a public school environment.
  • Highly developed expertise in the methods and procedures attendant to publication.
  • Highly sophisticated understanding of public relations.
  • Skills in directing media attention and scheduling public events.

Salary: $125,256+

(Internal candidates who are selected for this position and who currently hold comparable or less senior positions within the DOE will not make less than their current salary.)

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