Freelance Writers
New York State School Boards Association

The New York State School Boards Association seeks freelance writers to contribute to its award-winning newspaper, On Board, and its spot news e-newsletter, On Board Extra. Our publications cover public education for 11,000 education leaders in New York State and have a 98% reader satisfaction rating. We pay $350 per assignment.

A freelance assignment typically involves submitting an article (or an article with a sidebar) and possibly some art (e.g., a photo that you’ve arranged to be taken by a school PR person, along with caption information).

Our specific needs include:

  • Stories on education research. These stories of 1,000-1,200 words are often based on university or other published research with practical implications. The desired package typically would include a chart that you’ve found in a report. For this role, we want someone with a good deal of experience writing about education research. This could evolve into a monthly or semi-monthly column by a single freelancer.
  • Front page stories. We want stories on trends and like to find school angles on whatever is in the national news. For instance, when the MeToo movement was gaining strength, we sent a freelancer to a health class where the teacher described various dating scenarios. Students held up red, yellow or green cards to indicate whether they thought there was a consent violation or other inappropriate behavior.
  • Feature stories. We are looking for stories on innovative programs in public school systems in New York State. These stories should spread ideas for improving public education. Length can range from 750 words to 2000 words. Plan to work with school PR people for photos as part of the package that you submit.
  • Board of Regents and other forms of governmental meeting coverage. These meetings are online and can be covered from anywhere. If you have experience covering a Board of Regents in any state, you might be perfect to supplement our regular staff coverage of these meetings. 
  • Spot news coverage for our e-newsletter. We would like to develop a list of journalists whom we can contact on short notice to ask to write stories on breaking events such as governmental announcements that affect schools. If you are available on a given day, the expected turnaround would be 2-4 hours.

We invite you to read a recent issue of our newspaper here. Then send your cover letter, resume and clips to Please put “Freelancer (your name)” in the header.

In your cover letter, please say which one or two of the five types of stories listed above you would like to write and provide clips that show your experience with those kinds of stories. If you want to write about education research, write front page stories or do features, please pitch an idea for your first story for us in your cover letter. If you are consistently available for spot news on certain days of the week or certain portions of the day, let us know.  

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