Education Writer/Editor
The Christian Science Monitor

Department:  The Monitor


The Education Writer/Editor is interested in innovative reporting and committed to journalism that ​is ​highly distinctive, ​constructive​, ​ and solution-oriented.

The Monitor wants to be a tool for readers who want more than news – they want to be a part of the solution. Our education coverage is a vital part of this promise, and our team will interact frequently with our audience, through articles, social media, events, and partnerships.

You will work as part of a news desk shaping coverage that will appear in our daily output as well as our weekly magazine.  Your job is largely writing, but you will participate actively in planning coverage in the short- and long-term education coverage, be aware of all our education reporting efforts, and be ready to edit related stories as needed.

You will be responsible for compassionate, human stories, typically in the K-12 category, that get at the central role education plays in shaping thought, defining national priorities and interests, overcoming inequality, and driving progress.  A particular eye should be kept on inequalities across student facilities, quality of teaching staff, and opportunity, as well as the varying practices in different communities that can still provide common positive outcomes. You should always approach the work with full respect for and awareness of the individuals you are covering, and should be alert to challenging the barriers that would present themselves to educational progress across a variety of fronts.  You should also embrace different forms of storytelling, both within the printed framework (e.g., 1,000-word reported stories, Q-and-As, profiles) and beyond to an occasional video or audio project.  You must be capable of representing the Monitor during online and in person events.  This is a full-time staff position.


  • US-based correspondents are responsible for thoughtful coverage of their region or topic matter in keeping with the goals of the Monitor Daily and Weekly. They produce well-written stories that get to the heart of Monitor values. They draw on core values of fairness and integrity and keep top of mind the Monitor’s charge to “injure no man, bless all mankind.” They collaborate as needed with other writers. They operate from the standpoint that the Monitor can be present in every conversation – that we can always bring light to a situation.

Writers must have demonstrated skill with responding to breaking news stories, while also showing mastery of features, focus-length pieces, and cover stories. The writer works with a designated editor to determine specific coverage, and works through that editor if interested in pitching a cover story.

Duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Has mastered the basic craft and ethics of newspaper journalism and moved well beyond them in storytelling abilities. Possesses excellent writing and reporting skills and ability to self edit. Has a sharp eye for detail and sets the highest standards for accuracy and excellence.
  • Is committed to the Monitor’s vision for covering news developments or feature opportunities
  • Has reliable judgment of Monitor values and standards.
  • Finds appropriate sources for direct information and comment, in a reasonable time, and deals with them professionally and productively.
  • Clearly communicates and organizes the ideas in a story under some deadline pressure.
  • Can produce a range of story types.
  • Reliably shapes or reshapes a story under normal deadline pressure. 
  • Reliably spots the legal, ethical, or logical weaknesses in a story.
  • Through skill, judgment, and enterprise taps an appropriate range of primary and analytical sources.
  • Is competent regarding expense accounting and cost control.
  • Communicates regularly and effectively with Boston editors. Responds to queries from all departments in a timely fashion.
  • Team player, with the confidence to take the lead and guide others when necessary



  • A Bachelor’s degree plus a masters in journalism or equivalent in newspaper experience (5+ years on average) is required.

Technology Skills
Experience with EZ Publish, social media platforms.

Work Environment
Works in home office environment with regular visits to the Boston office as needed.

Engagement with Christian Science
Everyone, including Christian Scientists is encouraged to apply.

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