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The Times editorial team is seeking a shrewd and enterprising Editorial Writer to help lead critical conversations important to the Puget Sound region and Washington state. The Editorial Writer will serve as a member of the editorial board, researching and making policy recommendations and writing insightful, persuasive editorials on behalf of The Times editorial board and the occasional personal column. 

This person should be skilled at understanding complex issues, seeing both the big picture and the nuance in search of the answers to questions that matter. The writer should be open-minded but super-resistant to spin from political operatives and special interests. The writer should be passionate and collegial in debating issues with colleagues and skilled at cultivating sources. This person will contribute to the editorial page’s online presence through regular blogging and leveraging social media to engage readers and sources. This person will be skilled at writing on deadline, responding quickly to the news of the day and looking for opportunities to break news.

Minimum Requirements (including physical capabilities):

• Minimum 5 years experience in journalism or a related field with particular experience in opinion writing.

• Bachelor’s degree, preferably in journalism or a related field.

• Applicant should already routinely use digital tools in journalism.

• Experience covering Education is preferred.

• Standard office considerations with workload dependent on daily demands and major project work. Substantial time spent at computer workstations, as well as inter-building collaboration.


To apply, complete the online profile at this link:

Submit the following:

• Cover letter

• Resume

• Samples of your work, preferably attached as URLs in a single Word file. These should be clips or blog entries in which you have covered complex topics, especially as they relate to controversy.

Note: you are limited to 3 attachments (including the cover letter) but one file may contain multiple links or work samples.

After completing the online application, choose the “Edit Your Profile” option to submit your attachments.

Please note: file size limit is 4MB (4,000KB)

For application assistance only, contact   The Times is a drug-free workplace and equal opportunity employer. Learn more about our company at

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