Reasons Why Journalists Should Attend

10 of the reasons why you should attend our timely and engaging seminar focused on both K-12 and postsecondary issues: 

1. Dr. Linda Rosen of Change the Equation and Professor Michael Teitelbaum of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation will consider whether the U.S. lacks the STEM talent to fill the jobs of tomorrow;

2. Discussions on the latest research on how students learn math and science, and how that research may be at odds with current instructional practices;

3. USC Professor Gale Sinatra will be on hand to explore challenges educators, students and the community face when dealing with controversial science topics like evolution and climate change;

4.  Professor Jim Stone, III of the University of Louisville, possibly the foremost expert on career and technical education, will discuss new approaches in school-to-work learning;

5. Our Friday night EWA reception at the Los Angeles Times.

6. Understanding the STEM achievement gaps in our schools and colleges, and ideas on how to close them;

7. A research debut on how well some of the most popular textbooks are aligned with the Common Core Math Standards, plus a look at whether teachers are ready to teach the new standards;

8. Journalism professors giving fresh ideas on how to write about demographics and social issues elegantly;

9. A look at the increasing popularity of computer science in the classroom and the use of gaming to aid instruction;

10. Nationally-respected bars, restaurants and Art Deco galore.


Registration for this event is closed.