Key Coverage

“Approved ESSA Plans: Explainer and Key Takeaways From Each State,” from Education Week.

“Title I: Rich School Districts Get Millions Meant for Poor Kids,” from U.S. News and World Report (2016).

“Charter Schools in Surprise Political Fight as Trump and Democrats Turn Away,” from The New York Times (2019).

“Trump Signs Education Spending Bill That Funds 29 Programs He Sought to Abolish,” from Education Week (2019).

“As Pandemic Tests Public Schools, Betsy DeVos Pushes School Choice,” from The Washington Post (2020).

“New Federal Rules For Distributing School Money: An ‘Unfunded Mandate’?” from NPR (2016). (Note: This Obama proposal never took effect, but the article explains important issues that are involved very clearly.)

“Why the School Spending Graph Betsy DeVos Is Sharing Doesn’t Mean What She Says It Does,” from Chalkbeat (2018).