Five Questions to Ask: Student-Centered Learning

  1. Does your district have schools using student-centered learning? If so, how do their student outcomes – graduation rates, dropout rates, standardized assessments – compare to similar students at traditional campuses?
  2. If your school is planning to adopt student-centered learning as a pedagogical approach, what specific goals are they hoping to achieve, and how will those goals be quantified?
  3. Which students are being given access to student-centered learning opportunities, particularly competency based instruction? Is it being used only during summer months or vacation breaks to allow remedial students to make up missing credits, or do more advanced students have an opportunity to get a jump start on college credit?
  4. What professional development do the teachers receive to help them implement student-centered learning? Is the training only at the front end or do they receive ongoing support?
  5. How do the students feel about the approach, and what changes have they noticed in their classrooms? What do they see as its strengths and weaknesses?