Five Questions to Ask: School Leadership

  1. How is your school district and/or state recruiting, training, and assigning principals to schools? For example, what factors do districts consider when assigning principals to schools?
  2. Principals play an important role in determining whether high-performing teachers stay or leave. How are principals and school districts tapping the expertise of their effective teachers? How are principals and teachers collaborating?
  3. The principal’s job is often described as the loneliest one in the building, and the responsibilities have greatly expanded in recent years. What is your district doing to create professional learning communities and development opportunities for principals? How is your district attempting to make the job more manageable?
  4. Principal evaluation systems are still relatively new in most states and districts. How are they designed and how effective are they?
  5. How are principals incorporating the voices and input of diverse communities when making major decisions? How are principals creating inclusive learning communities that take into account the needs of their diverse student populations, including English-language learners, racial and ethnic minorities, and transgender or gender non-conforming students?