Five Questions to Ask: No Child Left Behind / ESEA

  1. Have accountability pressures tied to NCLB affected the enrollment dynamics of particular schools? For example, have schools counseled out low-performing students to lift overall standardized test scores to secure AYP?
  2. Has there been conflict in your schools between educators certified through teacher colleges and those who received alternative certification, such as Teach for America?

    Are instructors who are completing alternative certification programs disproportionately assigned to schools and classrooms with high concentrations of poor or minority students?

  3. If schools have missed AYP enough years to allow for students to receive supplemental educational services, are the private tutoring companies certified? Who monitors the professional qualifications of SES groups? Do teachers from the AYP-missing schools moonlight as SES tutors?
  4. Is there evidence that schools neglect to challenge high-performing students in the quest to lift make AYP? For example, are honors and AP teachers taking on more remedial or struggling students and thus teaching fewer advanced courses?
  5. Are the schools that underwent a turnaround performing better than they did before the intervention? If so, are there notable demographic or enrollment differences that can help explain the change?