SPSS Access
A Service for EWA Members

Thanks for your interest in this service by EWA.

Note this access is in beta and you may experience technical issues. Please remember to save your work often to your local computer.


To access SPSS, on your Windows computer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Navigate to
  3. Login with your username and password, provided by EWA
  4. Click on the SPSS icon to open the program
    1. A popup window may come up asking if you really want to connect or open the program
    2. You may be required to reenter your login information
    3. If you need to access files on your local computer within SPSS, check “Drives” (see image)
  5. Next click “Connect”
  6. Accept the certificate warning by clicking “Yes”
  7. SPSS should open as a window just like any other program

After two hours of inactivity, your connection will disconnect. Save your work and logout to ensure that you do not lose your work.


Need a login? Contact us.

Accessing with a Mac? This access to SPSS works best on a Windows-based PC. You may be able to use a Mac but the features are limited and the connection is not stable.

Questions about Remote Desktop or RemoteApp? Visit the Microsoft Support Site

Still have problems accessing? Contact us. Note, we cannot assist with using SPSS or datasets; please contact your data coach for guidance.