First Prize

Jenny Brundin of Colorado Public Radio

Source: Colorado Public Radio

Losing Ground: The Education Gap

DPS Kids Get Away With Death Threats, Fights and More, Teachers Say

Students Sway To Saxophone During ‘Silent’ Lunch

A New Way To Fund Colorado Schools

Beloved Denver Teacher Stunned To Be On DPS No-Hire List

Lobato Heard In Supreme Court 8 Years After First Filed

Losing Ground: How First Generation Students Overcome Obstacles On Road To College

Judges’ Comments

“It’s often hard for radio education reporters to find a unique way to cover the beat. This is the way to do it. These stories get to the heart of what’s going on in Colorado’s public schools, as well as many schools across the U.S., but the stories are often told through personal points of view. Jenny makes very effective use of sound and does a great job of including a variety of voices in her stories. (That’s not always easy to do.) … Often in public radio the importance of a reporter’s delivery is overlooked. But Jenny’s delivery is very conversational and draws the listener in. That makes a real difference. She’s not a sterile storyteller. She’s invested in the topic.”

 “Jenny is just one of those reporters who really understands how to tell a story.”