First Prize

Jane Stancill of The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)

Source: The News & Observer

In a Duke Logic Class, With 180,000 Friends

Student Who Spoke Out on UNC Conduct is Now Accused

UNC-Chapel Hill Holds Surprise Inspections of Classes to Make Sure They’re Real

In Research and Administration, New UNC Chancellor Accustomed to Problems

UNC’s Holden Thorp Steps Out of the Spotlight

UNC-CH Women Wage National Campaign Against Sexual Assault

Seaboard Real-Estate Deal Heightens Tensions at William Peace University

Judges’ Comments

“Jane Stancill’s coverage of sexual assaults and fake classes on the campus of UNC, Chapel Hill, are well-written and informative.”

“Engaging anecdotal leads are difficult to create, but Jane Stancill nailed one after the other with pithy and detailed observations that capture her subjects and telegraph the point of each story. Her articles take the reader inside the making of a popular MOOC, explaining the broader logistical and economic ramifications of this growing educational trend. Her take on athletic and assault scandals at UNC and the roots of an anti-rape movement were balanced but pointed. And her profiles of the incoming and outgoing chancellors were a lesson in the craft, written with authority and with insights that drew the reader along. Finally, her description of a small university’s struggle to survive was a sad but revealing sketch of educational financing.”