First Prize

Erin Einhorn: Chalkbeat
Beat Reporting: General News Outlets, Print and Online (Small Staff)

About the Entry

Erin Einhorn’s coverage of Detroit schools portrays a system struggling to stretch its resources to better serve students. Her reporting included breaking the news that Michigan was planning to shutter schools statewide, and close looks at the realities for families exercising school choice.

Entry Credit

  • Erin Einhorn, Detroit Editor, Chalkbeat

Comments from the Judges

“Einhorn’s beat reporting is solid, insightful, and impactful — and focuses a city in desperate need of sunlight. Her piece on students’ commutes uses real-life stories of desperation to illustrate what is essentially a policy problem: what happens to families in a poor city where the few good options don’t offer transportation.”

“I love this writing. It is smart, sensitive, clear and thoughtful, and tells all sides. Conveys complicated context smoothly. Shows the forest and the trees. The diverse charter enrollment story is an honest look at a tough dilemma.”