First Prize

Denise-Marie Ordway of the Orlando Sentinel

Source: The Orlando Sentinel

Is Bigger Better? UCF’s Growth Worries Education Leaders

FAMU Band Members’ GPAs Raise More Questions About Marching 100

Colleges Track Down Students Who Earned Degree But Didn’t Know It

In Wake of Hazing Death, Florida Classic Carries On

UCF Ranked Among Top 20 Schools Where Students Seek ‘Sugar Daddies’

$10,000 Bachelor’s Degrees May Benefit Few Students

Former UCF Student Who Killed Himself Had Planned Wider Attack

Judges’ Comments

“Excellent array of stories and strong reporting and writing. The Sugar daddies/babies story and the colleges chasing down graduates were particularly intriguing. Good use of data and quotes. Stories were complete, but not stuffed, and told in relatively few words.”

“Excellent package of stories. Great mix. Reporting on FAMU grades was smart and quick. Coverage of UCF size was smart.”