First Prize

Audrey Williams June of The Chronicle of Higher Education

source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

For Chairs, the Seat’s Gotten Hotter

The Long Odds of the Faculty Job Search

Play the Role of the Search Committee

Do You Know Where Your Ph.D.’s Are?

Adjunct Project Reveals Wide Range in Pay

Southern U. Investigates How a Fired Professor Kept Working for a Year

Fixing a Gender Pay Gap Can Lead to Faculty Discord

Judges’ Comments

“Really interesting, innovative, sophisticated work. I love the story – and graphic! – about the many applicants for the tenure-track jobs and the crowd sourcing project to gather information about adjunct pay. Very valuable contributions to the field.”

“This entry contained well-conceived, reported and written coverage of faculty issues. I especially liked Audrey Williams June’s clever and resourceful use of FOIA on the long odds of getting hired. The data visualization was a fun way to make a potentially dull subject interesting. The PhD placement story and the use of crowdsourcing in the adjunct project were innovative and smart. Great stuff.”