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College and the American Dream

Pace University is a medium-sized private college in New York with a sticker price of $66,000.  California State University, Northridge serves more than three times as many students (41,000) and has a sticker price for Californians less than a third of Pace’s ($21,000). 

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Hispanic, Latino, Latinx: How to Cover the Fastest-Growing Student Group

Hispanic students, who make up the second largest racial demographic in schools today, are entering college in record numbers. But they are also dropping out of college at a far higher rate than white students. That reality has important implications for our educational and economic systems and the reporters who cover them, according to a group of researchers and experts gathered at the 2018 Education Writers Association National Seminar.


Kelechi Kalu
Vice Provost of International Affairs and Professor of Political Science

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Kelechi Kalu is vice provost of international affairs and a professor of political science at the University of California, Riverside. Kalu’s research and teaching interests are in international politics, african political economy and U.S. Africa relations. He focuses on topics concerning international students, university globalization, international collaborative research programs, and the expansion of student exchange opportunities.

Riverside, CA