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Broken Trust: Texas’ Huge School Endowment Pays Out Less And Less For Schoolchildren

AUSTIN— It was a grand promise, one our forefathers made 165 years ago to all Texas children, to theirs and ours and those not yet born.

With $2 million and the state’s most abundant and precious resource — its land — they created the Texas Permanent School Fund to forever support public education. It was called a “sacred trust.”

That trust, dedicated to K-12 schools, is now valued at $44 billion, bigger than even Harvard University’s endowment.

It is also broken.

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Michael Cohen Testifies That He Threatened Colleges and College Board if They Released Trump’s Records

Michael D. Cohen, a former personal lawyer for President Trump, said in testimony on Wednesday before the U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee that, at Trump’s direction, he had threatened legal action against the College Board, Trump’s former high school, and the universities he attended if they released the president’s academic records.

Trump spent two years at Fordham University, in New York, before transferring to the University of Pennsylvania’s business school for his undergraduate degree.