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What would happen if your college student unexpectedly needs to withdraw from college?
GradGuard’s tuition insurance provides a refund when schools don’t.

Phoenix, Arizona, August 12, 2019 –  Nationwide, college families are busy preparing to pay their final tuition bill before arriving on campus.  Among the many questions families of college bound students are smart to ask is – What will happen to my tuition payment if my child must withdraw from college?

Member Stories

April 5 – April 11
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

A series of stories this week from education reporters describe the challenges some places face in attracting and keeping teachers. For USA Today, Erin Richards explains how soaring housing prices are fueling a chronic teacher shortage in Hawaii.

In Colorado, officials are trying a novel strategy to attract teachers to rural communities. Colorado Public Radio’s Jenny Brundin reports on the “rural immersion” program.

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After Biting Report, Providence Looks to Lift Failing School District

Brown tap water. Student brawls. Chronically absent teachers. Test scores that rank among the worst in the country.

The public school district here is full of deplorable conditions, according to a recent scathing report by the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy. Now the capital city, proud of its downtown renaissance, restaurants and arts scene, faces a painful reckoning as it is debating what to do with a failing school system that serves 24,000 children, who are mostly poor and Hispanic.


Education and the American Dream: Pathways From High School to College and Careers
Northwestern University • November 14-15, 2019

What will it take to make the U.S. education system a more powerful engine for economic mobility? What are the obstacles, especially for low-income families and students of color?

At this journalists-only seminar on Nov. 14-15 in Chicago, we will explore these and other questions, with a special focus on emerging efforts to create stronger pathways from high school to college and promising careers.

Topics we expect to address include: 

Member Stories

#tellEWA Member Stories (Oct. 4 – 10)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Education Week’s Stephen Sawchuk reports on the challenges civics teachers must navigate in discussing the impeachment process with students.

For EdSurge, Rebecca Koenig examines how the D.C. Central Detention Facility is turning inmates into students under the guidance of a former public school teacher.

Key Coverage

An Unseen Victim of the College Admissions Scandal: The High School Tennis Champion Aced Out by a Billionaire Family

On a Monday morning in April 2017, students at Sage Hill School gathered in its artificial-turf quadrangle, known as the Town Square, to celebrate seniors who were heading to college as recruited athletes. The 10 honorees lined up behind an archway adorned with balloons. One by one, they stepped forward as their sports and destinations were announced. Patricia Merz, the head of the private high school in Newport Coast, California, placed a lei in the appropriate college’s colors around each student’s neck.

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Community Leaders Fight Plan for Little Rock Schools

Educators and community activists in Little Rock are mobilizing to push Gov. Asa Hutchinson and the State Board of Education to reconsider a plan for the city’s public schools that they say will establish separate governing structures for majority white schools and majority black schools.