“What Am I Paying For?”
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About the Entry

ESPN probes deeply into for-profit Forest Trail University, which promised to be a “sports-focused” postsecondary institution but instead left its student athletes without adequate housing, facilities, supervision or food.

Entry Credit

  • Peter Keating, Senior Writer, ESPN    
  • Christopher A. Buckle, Senior Deputy Editor, ESPN
  • Jason Schwartz, Senior Editor, ESPN

Comments from the Judges

“This is a well-told and well-documented story that I had not seen elsewhere on a for-profit college that preyed on the dreams of student athletes and their parents. This story stands out for its fine and varied quotes, its telling details and polished narrative.”

“A haunting story that is full of heartbreaking details. Kudos to the author for drawing on internal emails and public records to present a rigorous case study.”


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