Rob Manning of Oregon Public Broadcasting (Editing by Eve Epstein)

Source: Oregon Public Broadcasting

Shorting Students On Classroom Time Not Just A Portland Problem

Schools Learning To Teach In A Touch Screen World

Beaverton Schools Start ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Policy

Going Door-To-Door To Get Dropouts Back In Class

‘Common Core’: Oregon Schools’ Biggest Change You’ve Never Heard Of

School Officials Suspect ‘Bias’ In Oregon Teacher Exams

Learning With Less: Beaverton Teachers Weather ‘Domino Effect’

Judges’ Comments

“This was very thorough coverage that included a range of topics. The standout story here was the campaign to get dropouts back in school. That really grabbed the listener and included enough suspense to keep him/her hooked. A variety of voices included in these stories helped round out the narratives so that they didn’t seem one-sided or linear. …

“Very well done.”

“I loved these stories! I especially liked the story about allowing kids to use their own devices to learn. Absolutely fascinating. … I also really liked the way the door-to-door dropout story was handled. It could so easily have been a brief synopsis of what happens but instead it was this very well thought-out and executed piece that kept my interest throughout. The other submissions were just as interesting and well crafted. A real pleasure.”