Race in America’s Classrooms
Single-Topic News or Feature: General News Outlets, Print and Online (Medium Staff)

About the Entry

This series, pegged to the arrival of the majority “minority” milestone in American public schools, evaluates how communities across the country are adjusting to increasingly diverse classroom demographics in their public school systems.

Entry Credit

  • Slate

    • Jonathan Fischer, Editor, Slate
    • Aymann Ismail, Videography, Slate
    • Andrew Kahn, Graphics and Interactives, Slate
    • Chris Kirk, Graphics and Interactives, Slate
    • Dani McClain, Reporter, Slate
    • Laura Moser, Reporter, Slate
  • The Teacher Project
    • Sarah Carr, Reporter and Editor, Teacher Project
    • Miriam Hall, Reporter, Teacher Project
    • Jessica Huseman, Reporter, Teacher Project
    • Alexandria Neason, Reporter, Teacher Project
    • Vanessa Romo, Reporter, Teacher Project

Comments from the Judges

“An incredibly ambitious project that could have gone off the rails if not for laser focus on the topic, key selection of story ideas and locales to report from, and lively writing with great narratives. Each story relied on data as a backbone, which gave the entire package more gravitas.”

“The main pieces were beautifully written and the series was beautifully produced. I particularly liked the video elements in the Alaska story which took me there, and the audio in the Hawaiian story, which also gave me the sound of the native Hawaiian language that the story was about.”