Naked Truth: Undocumented on Campus
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About the Entry

Fusion explores the obstacles that young DREAMers face on college campuses, told through the experience of a first-year undocumented student from Mexico who is studying in Kansas.

Entry Credit

  • Justine Gubar, Executive Producer, Fusion
  • Keith Summa, Executive Producer, Fusion
  • Mark Lima, Executive Producer, Fusion
  • Joanna Suarez, Producer, Fusion
  • Suzette Laboy, Producer, Fusion
  • Jackie Cruz, Narrator, Fusion
  • Sam Dubin, Director of Photography, Fusion
  • Adrian Saravia, Creative Director, Fusion
  • Roderick Avila , Editor , Fusion
  • John Michie, Editor, Fusion
  • Darwin K. Phillips, Editor, Fusion
  • Julia Soto, Editor, Fusion

Comments From the Judges

“Great storytelling. The producer gathered incredible footage over an extended period of time to tell a complicated story about an undocumented immigrant.”

“I appreciate the depth and thoroughness of this report, and it feels timely and comprehensive.”


EWA is grateful to the College Board for its generous support of the 2018 National Awards for Education Reporting.