Monterey Superintendent Search (TIE)

Source: Monterey County Herald

MPUSD’s Choice for Superintendent Named in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Top MPUSD Superintendent Candidate Pulls Out

MPUSD Postpones Hiring Controversial New Superintendent; Board President Resigns

MPUSD President Says Board Was Stunned by Backlash Concerning Superintendent Candidate

Of Lawsuits, Trustees, And Starting With A Clean Slate

Judges’ Comments

“Claudia Melendez Salina’s dogged reporting about plans to hire a superintendent mired in allegations about sexual harassment clearly had impact. Her reporting is balanced and presents the views of all affected parties. She writes in an accessible way and her blog post provides good insight into her approach to the story.”

“Claudia Melendez Salinas asked the right questions, and delivered solid, relentless reporting with direct, no-nonsense writing, giving readers, community members and even district board members what they needed to know – the rest of the story – about this applicant. Hidden gems throughout – this all plays out during sexual harassment awareness month! – and especially the trustee who claimed the plaintiff wished she had never filed suit, only to have Salinas deliver the plaintiff’s curt reply that the litigation is going forward. Good and valuable stuff.”