Lisa Gartner of the Tampa Bay Times

Source: Tampa Bay Times

In Jefferson High Teachers’ Lounge, Students’ Questions Make ‘Wall of Shame’

After Teacher Leaves, Few Standards For Helping Students

Student Hopes Offbeat Poem Will Be His Ticket To Elite UF Program

Wracked With Cancer, St. Petersburg Senior Has One Goal: Graduation

Pinellas Schools Say Cheerleading Uniforms Are Dress Code Violations

Pinellas Officials: Charter School Jeopardized Student Safety, Misled District About Buses

For Kids at Campbell Park Elementary, New Glasses Mean a Better Chance

Judges’ Comments

“Just blazingly excellent storytelling. Each works, with strong flow, a sure narrator’s voice and fine context. The three most conventional stories of the group were told straight down the middle, allowing the reader to form opinions. The senior with cancer was outstanding. The glasses for children story, which could have been a quick piece, carried a bit of magic.”

“Outstanding writing. Turned what could have been small stories into little gems (like the glasses and the cheerleading uniforms.) Cancer piece, a challenging one to write, kept a great tone throughout.”