How a Perks Binge Sweetens the Pay of Massachusetts College Chiefs
Investigative Reporting: General News Outlets, Print and Online (Small Staff)

About the Entry

Jon Marcus used open records laws to detail surprising benefits given to public college leaders in Massachusetts — including huge payouts for unused sick and vacation time, bonuses based on unspecified performance goals, and country-club memberships — as they asked taxpayers for increased funding.

Entry Credit

  • Jon Marcus, Contributor, The Eye at NECIR

Comments from the Judges

“Strong package on a topic that isn’t really covered in higher education. Liked that the reporter’s first quote in first story was from a student — rarely ever see that, and they and their families really are the consumers in this scenario. Stories got results, which mean the perks obviously touched a nerve. Writing was sharp and clear.”

“This is a strong, thorough package that clearly lays out the problem and resulted in action (albeit around the edges) to deal with very sweet pay packages for university leaders.”


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