Higher-Ed Hustle
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Source: Miami Herald

It’s an industry that seemingly can do no wrong in the eyes of regulators. That’s because for-profit colleges in Florida are mostly self-regulated. A look at how these colleges came to flourish in Florida.

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Comments from the Judges:

“I opened this entry skeptical that an investigation of for-profit colleges would tell a story I hadn’t heard. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Michael Vasquez’ exploration of an oversight apparatus that enables continued abuses blew me away. It’s egregious enough that students take on massive debt-loads to acquire — or not acquire — worthless credentials, it’s horrifying to understand how the officials charged with ensuring the students’ complaints are investigated sell them out. Great job.”

“This is an exhaustive, authoritative investigation of for-profit colleges in Florida that led to the shutdown of Dade Medical College. This package represents a huge effort. … It’s obvious why this series made such an impact on Florida. I like how the writer pointed out how Florida students in particular could be vulnerable to for-profit institutions. The forgery claims are truly jaw-dropping. The first story, about how politicians have passed laws that fueled the incredible growth of for-profits in Florida, is a blockbuster, no question. Vasquez includes many powerful, heartbreaking anecdotes of the impact of these laws and unethical practices on everyday people. … The reporting and quotes are simply incredible.”