Hartford Schools: More Separate, Still Unequal
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About the Entry

A team of journalists at the Hartford Courant in Connecticut take a close look at educational inequities in their city and the troubling legacy of a landmark court case that was intended to end segregation by creating a system of voluntary magnet schools.

Entry Credit

  • Vanessa de la Torre, Staff Writer, The Hartford Courant
  • Matthew Kauffman, Staff Writer, The Hartford Courant
  • Kathleen Megan, Staff Writer, The Hartford Courant
  • Patrick Raycraft, Staff Photographer, The Hartford Courant

Comments from the Judges

“This series exemplifies the very best education reporting. The stories of individual students, parents and educators personalize the effects of inequality.”

“Stunning. This story, without question, is difficult for a local outlet to do because they undoubtedly threaten powerful interests. The access to classrooms and people is rare and shows the level of trust the reporters developed with their sources.”


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