Finding a Good Preschool Isn’t Easy: Try It.
Best Visual Storytelling (Small Staff)

Entry Credit

  • Lillian MongeauThe Hechinger Report
  • Ryan Alexander-TannerThe Hechinger Report
  • John Osborn D’AgostinoThe Hechinger Report

About the Entry

To better understand the challenge parents face, The Hechinger Report created an illustrated, interactive story called Preschool Challenge. Stepping into the shoes of a parent, readers try to determine where to send their child, whether they can afford tuition, and what they are willing to put up with once their child is enrolled.

Comments From the Judges

“This is a really creative idea, well implemented. … It’s definitely engaging and touches on a very important topic in a unique way.”

“An intriguing and original concept. The idea of getting readers to put themselves in the shoes of parents who may or may not be like themselves is a meaningful exercise.”


EWA is grateful to the College Board for its generous support of the 2018 National Awards for Education Reporting.