Education Issues in NYC Mayor’s Race

source: Chalkbeat New York

The Next Education Mayor

On Education, Mayoral Hopefuls Don’t Talk About Their Limitations

Five People Who Could Be the Next Chancellor of New York City’s Schools

At Rally, Charter Parents Stuck Between Lhota and a Hard Place

Fariña Brings Experience to a Wide Set of Urgent Policy Questions

Judges’ Comments

“Chalkbeat had the mayor’s race covered. If education mattered to you as a New York voter, you had to go no further than Chalkbeat to find where the candidates stood, what was happening in the race and who was likely to become the next school’s chancellor. Thorough reporting combined with political savvy.”

“Really nice and inventive work here from Chalkbeat as it picks apart all aspects of the mayor and chancellor tide-turning in NYC. The piece on “our five picks” is especially strong.”