Education in Indian Country: Running in Place (TIE)

Source: Education Week

Education in Indian Country: Running in Place

Education in Indian Country: Obstacles and Opportunity

Federal Cuts Take a Toll on Native Americans’ Schools

Upending an Education Crisis in Indian Country

Title VII: A Path to Education Equity

Common Core From a Tribal Perspective

A Crucial Investment in Indian Higher Ed.

Judges’ Comments

“This is a topic ideally suited for narrative and the reporter delivers. …The article about the suddenly wealthy Morongo tribe and how that has turned around education effort underscores the effect of resources on an education.The series is commendable for explaining the devastating effect of sequestration on tribal education.The layout of the photos for the series is striking, using broad edge to edge layout to take advantage of the vistas of tribal lands. Also enhancing the series were videos that visually reinforced the themes and characters. The timeline is well done and art along with text are laid out effectively on the series landing page.”