DPS Kids Get Away With Death Threats, Fights and More, Teachers Say

Source: Colorado Public Radio

DPS Kids Get Away with Death Threats, Fights and More, Teachers Say

Judges’ Comments

“Good topic: what is happening inside schools which are refusing to expel or suspend kids, in an effort to decriminalize students who cause trouble, to keep them learning with in school suspensions.  … Brundin is ahead of a trending issue and gets right into the heart of it.  Strong writing, essential tape, and really gets deep into this issue. Impressive.  This is a very good education reporter at work.”

“I remember Brundin from last year’s excellent Trevista series, and I think that her writing, narration, and reporting remains a cut above most beat reporters’. This is a thorough and disturbing examination of a school system with serious disciplinary problems, and she guides us through it well.”