Doug Livingston of Akron Beacon Journal

Source: Akron Beacon Journal

With No Ride to School, African-American and Poor Children Disproportionately Hit In Traffic In Urban Districts

Public Educators Cut Out of Online Charter School Franchise

Failing Charter Schools Often Close, Reopen With Little Change

Ohio’s State School Board Shifts Emphasis from Traditional Public Schools to Parent-Driven Choice

State School Board Business is Private Business, Too

State School Board Member From Akron Represents Nonunion Contractors Who Opened Charter School

Ohio’s Failure to Sustain Critical Funding for Early Education Will Cost State More Down Road

Judges’ Comments

“This entry is a breath of fresh air. Every piece is as strong as the last. Doug Livingston asks the right questions and follows though until he gets the answers. His entry shows doggedness, thoroughness and results, even getting a state school board member to resign over conflicts of interest. All the more impressive that he is in his first year of reporting.”

“Doug Livingston often chooses compelling and important topics, from tragedies he linked to school bus funding cuts to reduced funding for preschool. The reporting is deep and his instincts strong”