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The Safety Zone: Inside a School Where No Student’s Needs Are Too Tough

Legislative Wish List Crafted To Better Help Schools’ Most Challenging Students

Meet The Cross-Subsidy, an Increasingly Painful Way to Pay for Special Ed

Special Education Cross-Subsidy: Where Has It Grown the Fastest?

Judges’ Comments

“Given incredible access, Beth Hawkins was able to tell the story of students often forgotten in the educational system, and how schools are pooling resources to try to get these children the help they need.”

“With this series, Beth Hawkins demonstrates again the great value a community gains when quality journalists have meaningful access to information and people. Hawkins took a topic that makes most people’s eyes glaze over – education funding – and brought it into three dimensions, showing the impact on kids, the complications of cross-subsidy strategies, and the ongoing obstacles to paying the full freight of programs that are mandated by law, essential for many kids, and often extremely expensive.”