Dan Carsen of Southern Education Desk/WBHM

Source: WBHM

There’s Not Enough Work For Veterinarians

Army Looks To Schools To Find The Next Cyberwarriors

Ala. School District Cancels Bus Service, Igniting Controversy

Pre-K: Even With Quality Program, Issue of Access Remains

Segregation Academies: Past, Still Present

Black School, White School: Teaching the Civil Rights Movement

Birmingham Schools: Takeover To Today – Part 1: The Run-Up To State Intervention

Common Core, Part 1: Is The Hype Really Just Hype?

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“This is a very well-done submission. Dan does a great job covering a variety of angles.”

“Across the board Dan does a great job of presenting the information. He does this in a way that is not only a pleasure to listen to but is also easy to digest and gets you thinking. This was apparent in each example that was provided. Very informative!”

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