Continuing Coverage of Common Core

Source: The Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Common Core V. The False Promise of Leveled Literacy Programs

Why Conservatives Should Support the Common Core

Common Core In The Schools: A First Look At Reading Assignments

Hell Yes We Want Instructional Change. Don’t You?

Common Core and Reading: Which One of These Things Is Not Like The Other?

Judges’ Comments: 

 “Spicy and engaging writing, excellent analysis of a wide and deep variety of elements of the Common Core debate make these pieces a real pleasure. I learned a lot about the reading requirements and I enjoyed very much the brashness of the reaction to the far-right by an institution that is more near-right. There was an agenda, yes, but there was also an intellectual honesty here that was refreshing and valuable to the broader conversation. Well done.”

“The blogger knows the issue and isn’t afraid to call people out when they are twisting the facts or are being just plain wrong. The straight-forward honesty and attitude is needed when writing about a topic like this. (And is appropriate for this publication. Others don’t have that luxury.) Writing style was clean and easy to follow. This would be understandable for a newcomer to the issue and an expert.”