Can Schools Make the American Dream Real for Kids?
Single-Topic News or Feature: Broadcast

About the Entry

Public radio reporter Linda Lutton spends a year with a fourth-grade class in Chicago trying to answer a question: Can a public school overcome the challenges faced by children growing up in high-poverty neighborhoods?

Entry Credit

  • Linda Lutton, Reporter, WBEZ – Chicago Public Media
  • Marianne McCune, Editor
  • Cate Cahan, Editor, WBEZ – Chicago Public Media
  • Joe DeCeault, Producer, WBEZ – Chicago Public Media
  • Ben Calhoun, Executive Producer, WBEZ – Chicago Public Media

Comments from the Judges

“Many times, reporters spend a year in a school but without any clear question that they’re there to answer. This documentary shows the benefit of going in with a mission and structuring the reporting around it.”

“Incredible reporting by Linda Lutton. I applaud her for gaining deep access to the kids and their families and the educators. Kudos for the story structure and making the point about what makes news.”


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