Broken Pledges (TIE)

source: Bloomberg News

Frats Worse Than Animal House Fail to Pay for Casualties

Wall Street Pipeline Trinity Sees President Resign

Mother of Golf Prodigy in Hazing Death Defied by FratPAC

Fraternities Lobby for Tax Break Without Hazing Penalties

Fraternities Scuttle Proposals to Ban Freshman Rush After Drinking Deaths

Freshman Force-Fed Cat Food Shows Frats Thwart Hazing Warnings

Deadliest Frat’s Icy ‘Torture’ of Pledges Evokes Tarantino Films

Judges’ Comments

“Rich reporting about a subject many seemed reluctant to discuss. Bravo. The database of deaths was very revealing (and appears to have spurred stories by other news outlets).”

“And judging by more recent events, the series of stories continues to have an effect.”