2021 Investigative Reporting (Larger Newsroom)

Hannah Dreyfus

“The Liberty Way”

Comments from the Judges:

“Very well done story. It was both a shocking and compelling read, with lots of interviews, photos and records to back up the reporting.”

“This reporter’s deeply layered and careful reporting exposed the disregard Liberty officials seemed to have for victims and the great lengths they would go to hide any problems. The level of trust gained through careful interactions with victims is clear and that hard work resulted in a shocking body of work.”

Kenny Jacoby

Six Women Reported a Louisiana College Student for Sexual Misconduct. No One Connected the Dots.

Comments from the Judges:

“USA Today spent over a year documenting how easy it is for a predator to prey on female college students in Louisiana while using loopholes and failures in that state’s educational system to ensure they would not be stopped. Without the work of these reporters, it is clear other women in this state would have become hidden victims.”

“This was an excellent story…It clearly explained a shocking lapse in the enforcement of an LA law, with good interviews from the women and lots of records to document what happened.”

Mandy McLaren 
Louisville Courier-Journal

Magnetic Pull: How Louisville Sacrifices Poor Schools to Ensure Its Elite Magnet Programs Thrive

Comments from the Judges:

“A chilling look at how policy decisions (even some well-meaning ones) can negatively impact students. Using excellent visuals, innovative audio tools and a clear, informative design, this series of reports shows how efforts to highlight and improve on the best a district has to offer can hurt those who need it the most.”

“Terrific reporting, with stats, interviews and graphics all painting a compelling picture of inequality in Jefferson County’s schools…Overall, a top-notch package.”