EWA Staff Directory

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Caroline W. Hendrie
Executive Director

Caroline Hendrie is the executive director of the Education Writers Association, the national professional organization for members of the news media who cover education. She leads strategy, development and programming for the nonprofit organization in support of its mission to strengthen the community of education writers and improve the quality of education coverage to better inform the public.

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Allison Kowalski
Program Specialist

Allison Kowalski is a program specialist at the Education Writers Association. She helps to plan content for EWA seminars, conducts research and writes for the organization’s website, and supports other EWA programs. Her primary area of focus is higher education.

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Joshua Lopez
Membership, Data, and Diversity Manager

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Josh Lopez is the membership, data, and diversity manager at the Education Writers Association. Josh works on expanding EWA’s membership, amplifying our members’ voices, and producing programming, services and products that meet members’ needs.

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Emily Richmond
Public Editor

Emily Richmond is the public editor of the Education Writers Association. She coordinates programming and training opportunities for members and provides individualized reporting and writing help to journalists. She also hosts the EWA Radio podcast, and authors EWA’s “The Educated Reporter” blog. 

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Rachel Wolin
Development Director

Rachel Wolin is development director for the Education Writers Association, where she collaborates with senior staff and leadership to ensure the financial health of EWA in order to better serve its members and the education journalism community at large.

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Rick Wilson
Multimedia & IT Manager

Rick Wilson is the multimedia and IT manager for the Education Writers Association. In addition to overseeing technical aspects of EWA’s website and member support systems, he is producer/engineer of the EWA Radio podcast and webinars, as well as other technical areas of the day to day operations at EWA.