Covering Common Core: A Reporter’s Guide to Understanding and Assessing New Educational Standards
A McCormick Specialized Reporting Institute, conducted by Poynter in partnership with EWA

Covering Common Core state standards locally requires both knowledge and skill. During this day and a half seminar, you’ll gain the insight necessary to report on these standards from a variety of angles. At the seminar’s end, you’ll leave with a personalized plan for covering Common Core in your market.

This workshop is the second in a series of six 2014 Specialized Reporting Institutes funded by The Robert R. McCormick Foundation to give reporters the knowledge, context, contacts and story ideas they need to cover critical topics in the news. In addition to McCormick, Poynter is partnering with the Education Writers Association to host this workshop. 


How to sort through political rhetoric.
How to evaluate curriculum choices and how they’re implemented.
The difference between problems with the standards, with curriculum and with teachers’ ability to teach the curriculum.
How to find experts to identify if a curriculum meets Common Core standards.
How testing on the standards will work. 
Techniques to build good sources among students, parents, teachers, politicians and education experts.


Working journalists from any media and market size, including network and cable television, bloggers, radio, newspaper, magazine and online journalists, photojournalists, graphic designers, full-time freelancers, news managers and editors.


Poynter, with funding from The McCormick Foundation, will provide tuition, basic travel expenses, hotel and most meals. From our application pool, we’ll select 18 participants who represent a wide range of market sizes, media and media ownership, including minority media. We will give priority to full-time U.S.-based journalists within driving distance of Chicago. Click here to read more

Please commit to attending the entire seminar, participating and taking your knowledge back to your newsroom, using it in your reporting and teaching others what you learn.

The deadline for applications was June 6, 2014.