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What’s New From EWA

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that EWA’s website — Ed Media Commons — is now open to the public. You still need to be an EWA member in order to take part in online discussions, but visitors are welcome. I encourage you drop by, take a look around, and consider joining EWA.

A good place to start at EMC is with videos from one of the standout sessions of our 65th National Seminar, held at the University of Philadelphia in May. We invited 11 speakers to each take 12 minutes to talk about “Tomorrow’s Teacher: Paths to Prestige and Effectiveness.” (All of the presenters were terrific but you definitely don’t want to miss Miami educator and author Roxanna Elden’s explanation of the “Myth of the Super Teacher.”)

Also for education reporters, EWA has a valuable new resource to announce: the Story Starters website. You’ll find background information on topics ranging from classroom technology to school safety, in addition to suggested sources, related organizations, and recent research.

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