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Update: White House Shares Details of Early Learning Plans

Here’s some of the fine print (courtesy of Politics K-12) on President Obama’s proposal to significantly expand the nation’s preschool opportunities.Also, Eduwonk Andrew Rotherham explains why the proposal faces “an uphill climb,” and gives a well-deserved shout-out to Education Week’s Sara Mead.

You should also check out Salon editor-at-large Joan Walsh’s take. She argues that universal preschool should be a “no-brainer,” given that when it’s done right the benefits to individual children, families, and the wider community can be substantial. From Walsh’s well-balanced piece:

The very fact that preschool proposals seem like the answer to so many social problems has led to a vexing outcome: they can be derailed by questions about costs, goals and turf, thus solving no problems at all. They are often oversold (the president may be making that mistake already.) “Can universal preschool solve all our problems?” a National Journal headline blared Thursday morning (a dumb headline on a smart piece). Of course, the answer is no – but done the right way, it can solve some of them.

Education blogger Alexander Russo compiled  some interesting takes on the preschool debate, including an unexpected angle. Education reporter Joy Resmovits’ new blog is up and running at the Huffington Post, if your bookmark bar is looking a little sparse. She also tackles the preschool initiative.

For more on where early learning stands nationally, as well as the latest research and coverage, check out EWA’s Story Starters online resource.


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