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UC Davis Students’ Silent Protest

By now you’ve probably seen the video of Linda Katehi, the University of California, Davis chancellor, and her long, long walk to her car through a crowd of students.

Many people in the UC community (and elsewhere) are angry that a campus police officer used pepper spray on apparently nonviolent participants in an Occupy Wall Street-inspired protest.

As Katehi makes her way through the crowd, she is flanked on either side by students seated on the ground. There is no chanting. There is no yelling. There is only a chilling quiet.

After a friend of mine watched the video, she summed it up nicely: Sometimes silence can be the loudest voice of all.

On a related note,’s Zach Whittaker tracks how the plethora of cell phone videos of the incident poked holes in the official response. (Thanks to Poynter’s MediaWire for drawing attention to the link.)

I have to wonder what students at Penn State thought when they saw their West Coast peers in action. The Penn riots in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal were shameful. Sadly, it was also far from the first episodes of senseless destruction at the campus.

I’ll have more on that side of the story next week, including an interview with Lexi Belculfine, editor-in-chief of the Daily Collegian, Penn State’s student-run newspaper.

In the meantime, if you are traveling for Thanksgiving, I hope your planes, trains and automobiles get you safely where you need to go. By popular request, I’ll be tweeting my “Travels with Archie”, and you are welcome to follow along.