Blog: The Educated Reporter

Two jobs for education reporters.

My first job in journalism, junior year in college, was an internship with the Wall Street Journal editorial page in Brussels. I was so clueless going into my interview that for my writing sample I brought an essay criticizing Ronald Reagan. David Brooks, sitting under a portrait of Margaret Thatcher, said, “We like Reagan here.” I got the job anyway.I didn’t agree with my colleagues on everything, to say the least (and didn’t have the guts to say a word when Brooks added the term “leftist shibboleths” into my op-ed on political correctness—possibly because I didn’t know what it meant).But it was a terrific experience, and editor George Melloan was the most helpful, kind boss I ever had. My next job was through Dow Jones, too, and I still suffer some nostalgia.

So if I didn’t already have the coolest job in the world, I would totally be all over this: The Wall Street Journal is hiring an education reporter. You should apply!

The other job is a temporary freelance project: visiting the finalist districts for the Broad Prize and writing profiles. It would be pretty much full-time in May and June, and then some, with lots of travel.

Always glad to see hiring and not firing of education reporters.