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Three Higher Ed Stories Worth a Look – And a Listen

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is planning to expand its free, online course offerings, according to the Boston Globe.If you pass the class you can trade your good grades for a certificate, although that will cost you a small fee.(On a related note, Forbes’ Tim Worstall poses this provocative question: “Is Education theNext Industry That Will Be Killed By the Internet?”)

NPR’s Larry Abramson had an interesting piece recently on “All Things Considered” about new rules for military tuition assistance, and how some colleges and universities are balking at the more stringent requirements. This is a particularly timely issue given that so many troops are headed home from Iraq … and back to school. You can hear the story here.

Is there anything more stressful than law school examinations? Is there any better cure for that stress than a puppy? Apparently not, according to George Mason University (click here for the Washington Post story).


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