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School Choice Falls Short For D.C. Parent, Gotham Principals Mum on Teacher Evaluations

The New York Times has a terrific op-ed piece from a Washington, D.C. parent questioning the limitations of school choice policies. Author Natalie Hopkinson doesn’t directly identify her neighborhood, but it sounds a lot like where I live near Capitol Hill. As one of my newspaper colleagues in Detroit pointed out, the scenario described by Hopkinson will also sound familiar to families in Motor City … and beyond.

Additionally, I wanted to note that a blog reader had pointed out principals in New York are signing a petition urging caution in proceeding with teacher evaluation reforms. has a story explaining that so far administrators in the nation’s largest district are for the most part not putting their names on the dotted line.

I was also intrigued by this story from the Oregonian, about a special education principal who is in court alleging she was demoted for complaining about issues related to student and staff safety. So often these disputes are settled behind closed doors. Education reporters are often stymied when it comes to writing about these types of complaints, because we end up with just one side of the story. School districts can cite “personnel privacy” as a reason to not share any details of such cases. I’m interested in the Portland jury’s eventual verdict.