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Rescuing Ed Reform, D.C. Choice and Ill-Timed Sushi

Frederick Hess and Linda Darling-Hammond New York Times editorial entitled “How to rescue education reform” is getting a lot of attention — and criticism. You can read Eduwonk’s thoughtful critique here.

Also, RiShawn Biddle offers his pithy views over at his blog Dropout Nation. Several bloggers have mentioned the “odd couple” pairing of Hess and Darling-Hammond. You can watch them spar at a debate last year sponsored by Grantmakers’ for Education conference.

I recently mentioned a New York Times op-ed piece by a D.C. parent frustrated by the lack of school choice in the public schools, as well as inequities in programs, services and facilities. The Fordham Institute’s Mike Petrilli offers this rejoinder over at the National Review.

Giving new meaning to the phrase “unfortunate coincidence,” consider this blog item from the Washington Post’s Reliable Source column, detailing what was on the lunch menu at Sasha and Malia Obama’s D.C. private school (Sidwell Friends) on Wednesday.


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